A Sample of Projects
Bahamas Oil Refining Company, Freeport, GBI
Project manager for 14M hurricane damage repair project.
DBL-152 Salvage, Sabine Pass, TX
Lightered 5.5 million gallons of heavy oil utilizing on-board vapor revovery piping and refloated casualty to be towed to Mobile.
Freeport Harbor, Grand Bahamas
Designed and implimented several major repairs to damage caused by dredging operations
South Riding Point Holding Company, Bahamas
Prepared plans for removal and replacement of four breasting dolphins at off-shore facility
Cayman Express, Little Cayman Island
Vessel grounded on protected reef in Little Cayman Island. Cut wreck in half and lifted to transit into deep water for disposal
La Marie Salvage, Sabine Pass, TX
Vessel sank in Sabine Pass. Utilized hot-taps to remove 200,000 gallons fuel before refloating upside-down and towing to Port Arthur to roll.
ACBL Dominican
Barge sank loaded with cement clinkers, blocking harbor entrance. Cargo lightered to allow barge to be cleared from channel. Chain-cut barge into four sections to dispose of in deep water off-shore.
Dredge Taurcavor, Cape Fear, N.C.
Dredge in route to Panama, capsized and sank in 140' of water. Recovered all fuel, oils, and contaminants utilizing Sur-D02 diving operations.
TVA Dredge, Kingston, TN
Dredge sank in ash pond at power-plant. Removed fuel and recovered dredge.
Bay Titan Salvage, Miami, FL
Vessel sank in channel to Port of Miami. Par-buckled and refloated.
Jan De Nul Dredge, La Ceiba, Honduras
Dredge sank blocking access to harbor. Drove sheet-piles on seaward side to break heavy seas to refloat.
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